California Irvine Mission

California Irvine Mission

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Christ Died to Make Men Holy, Let us Live to Make Men Free


 I hope you are all having a great day today! Today has been great! We took a hike up into the mountains in Rancho Santa Margarita to a Monk Monastery to buy some honey! We here about the coolest stuff when we contact people, and one of my friends, Elder Gerrard, Heard about a monk monastery that sells honey in the mountains, so we went!
And It was great! The monks are really nice, and they love Mormon Missionaries! Haha
   This week was great! We decided to get a little more bold while we contact, So we've been going into the Laundromats in Hispanic areas and preaching to them about the Book of Mormon and other things like that! It is so much fun! And its way more fun then it used to be because of how bad my Spanish was, but since my Spanish is getting better, and my testimony is getting stronger, its easier, and actually kind of fun, to get up in front of large groups of people and testify like that! Also, our investigator, Rodrigo came to church yesterday!
That was great! He still hasn't been able to get work off consistently, so we cant baptize him until he will be able to come to church more frequently, but man, he's great! The other day, we were reading the story of Nephi on the boat when his Brothers tied him up, and the Liahona stopped working, and they loved it. All of them are members except for Rodrigo, but Rodrigo loved the story, and probably participated more then anyone else!
   Well, the reason for this title of the email is because the other day we were listening to The Battle Hymn of the Republic in our car when we were driving around, and that line stood out to me. It says, "As He died to make men Holy, let us live to make men free, as God is marching on!". It got me super fired up! This is the best work that has ever taken place on the earth, and its so much fun to be apart of it! We do everything that we can, and The Lord takes care of us and the people we're teaching. I was reading a talk by President Monson about how we need to enjoy the journey! I remember during a hard part of my mission, It felt like Happiness was just out of my reach, I felt like I wouldn't be happy until something happened or something changed, but I realized that happiness isn't a destination. Its something you decide to be and make it happen. I'm extremely happy with my Mission. Its great! Serving the Lord is such a blessing!
Serving others 100% of the time is the best way to feel happiness and joy. In fact, that's why Heavenly Father is so happy, He serves and loves perfectly. I hope I can someday feel like He does. I love you all! And I hope you have a great week!

Con amor,
Elder Fuell

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