California Irvine Mission

California Irvine Mission

Monday, October 26, 2015

What the Brett??

This week was great! I got to go on lots of exchanges this last week! I went on one with Elder Wilson back into mission Viejo, and we had a great day together. We found a family that has real great potential to be baptized! And I learned a lot from him, like I always do! Then I also got to go on an exchange with Elder Corcus!! He trained me a year ago and right now he is serving as the Assistant to the President! As zone leaders, we get to go on an exchange with the assistants once a transfer cycle! And this time it was my turn to go with Elder Corcus in Irvine! He goes home in about 2 months, and it was great to spend a day with him! We saw so many miracles and we seemed to be in the places that we needed to be all day! At one point during the exchange, we were in the mission office because Elder Corcus had to do a report for something and I was just doing some language study. We got a call from a lady that he had taught and baptized about 2 years ago! She asked us if we could find some Elders to go bless her house, because she is moving up to Ontario California and asked us if we could get in touch with them for us! So, Elder Corcus had me call the mission office of that mission and get the number for the missionaries serving in her new ward! I called the Office of the Rancho Cucamunga Mission and got the number for the missionaries, Elder Hewitt and Elder Smith. I didn't think about it to much, but I made the call and started talking to them and giving them the information for the house! Well, it turns out it was The only Elder Smith I knew serving in The California Rancho Cucamunga mission!! Haha it was Brett! The chances of all that happening, just the way that it did was crazy!! It was great to talk with him for a little bit and see how he was doing! It was a really cool experience!
   The rest of the week was great too! We have found two awesome potential families in our area and we are very excited to go and start teaching them! I'll have to keep you updated on what happens with them! Also, Happy Halloween!!!

Con amor,

Elder Fuell

Monday, October 19, 2015

Another Great Week in California!


    I hope everyone had a great week this week! Everything was good here! Elder Ortiz finished his mission and went back to Idaho, so Elder Halling and I got Elder Wilkerson back as our companion! Its nice to have him back so that we can do Zone Leader stuff without having to do any exchanges or anything like that. Also, now we are covering our whole ward! We cover San Clemente, San Juan, Dana Point and parts of Laguna Niguel. Its a lot of work and we've just barely started to scratch the surface of the things we have to do and all the people we have to visit! But overall, it was a good week.
      We had our zone training meeting, and Elder Wilkerson and I trained on Ministering with Power and Authority. It was nice to study and learn more about that topic. I thought a lot about The Sons of Mosiah and their example of ministering with power and authority. They focused a lot on others and never on themselves. We talked about having what we know, what we feel, and what we do, in harmony. That's what brings happiness and the authority and the power to minister in the way that The Lord wants us to.
     We have a couple of people we're working with, but nobody that is progressing super well. So, we're mostly working on the Finding part of Missionary work. It's been pretty fun and I think that Heavenly Father is pleased with the effort that we've been putting into finding his Children. We're excited to see the blessings that come from that.
   I hope you all have a good week this week and I love you all!

Con Amor,

Elder Fuell

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

"When you can't do what you've always done, you only do what matters most" -Elder Robert D. Hales

Hola Familia!

Its been a great week! I'll start out by telling a story of how my week started! So, Exactly a week ago, on Tuesday morning, I said to my companion, "Hey, Lets go run in the morning." And my companion, being a distance runner, was very excited about that. So, we went on a run at about 6:20 a.m. and started running down a street, we get about 1 mile down and I'm starting to get tired, and we keep going for about another mile, and I can't seem to find the street that takes us back to our apartment, so we just take a left on a road called Crown Valley Parkway, and started to run up that. I told my comp, "Hey, Elder Halling, I think we're on the wrong road!". Elder Halling also thought that is was a ways back to our apartment, but we both just assumed that we would be fine, and kept running. 3 miles later, we end up at the street called Golden lantern, which is the street our apartment is on, but its a bout a mile back... up a HUGE hill. I was exhausted. We ended up running like 6 or 7 miles. We didn't get back to the apartment until about 7:30, and I have been sore all week. So, I have made a decision that I will not be running with Elder Halling anymore. Hahah he's crazy.
   Everything else about this week has been good! Lots of good experiences, and lots of hard trials. But I've just been thinking about Elder Bednar's talk in the last session of Conference, and how he said he was talking with Elder Hales, and Elder Hales told him, "When you can't do what you've always done, you only do what matters most". It has made me think a lot about what matters most. If I couldn't do, what I've always done, what would I do? If health prevented me from doing all the active things that I love doing, what would fill my time. It also went hand in hand with President Uchtdorf's talk about simplifying the gospel. I love it. Lately, I've been finding a lot of joy in the simple things that we are asked to do. I love reading The Book of Mormon, I love baring my testimony, and I love talking about the Gospel. I guess I could say that If I couldn't do anything else, The one thing I would do is Missionary work. To me, It makes me feel closer to the Savior. It helps me to feel the Spirit. It brings me so much peace and joy.
I hope you all have a great week! I love you!

Con muchisimo amor,

Elder Fuell