California Irvine Mission

California Irvine Mission

Monday, June 1, 2015

Wowie Wow Wow


   This week was crazy!!! And it all started at transfers. I was so sure I was going to go to Dana Point and be with Elder Gerrard this next transfer, in fact, I was so sure that I went and put all my stuff at their apartment before transfers because moving is a pain and I didn't want to have to move everything at once, but that was a mistake. I got transferred to The Mission Viejo 5th Spanish ward. I am covering the entire north side of the mission, from Mission Viejo, all the way up to Irvine. Its a big area, my Companions are Elder Sorenson, He has been out for 3 months now, and he speaks Spanish very well because He lived in Chile for a long time, his family now lives in St. George, and He's like 22. He's super cool and funny. And my other companion, ELDER WILSON! Hahah We got moved together!! It was crazy. We both didn't expect that to happen. But we're happy about it and all three of us are getting along super well. 

The area is great, (We have a dinner almost every night), and the members are super excited to do missionary work! So that's good. Also, another thing that happened that was a complete surprise was that I got made District Leader.. I was not very happy about getting the call at first. In fact, I was freaked out. I had no idea what to do, and I was really, really nervous. That night, when I went to say my prayers, I probably prayed for like half an hour, asking Heavenly Father if He was sure He wanted me to serve in this calling, after I got the confirmation that He did want me there, I was asking Him how He wanted me to do it, because I have no idea how too and I'll remember for the rest of my life the answer I got, and how clear it was. He told me that He wanted me to serve the people in The District "by the spirit." It made so much sense. That's how He wants us to serve all the time. If we are worthy to have the Spirit, and if we are consistently asking for the Spirit, He will guide us, and He will let us know what it is that we have to do. All the time. We can literally be his Servants here on the earth, being guided in all things. I am convinced that whatever He has planned for me to do in this calling, I can only do it by the Spirit, and with that being said, If I do have the spirit, I can do anything He needs me to do. I shared this story with The District at the first district meeting last Friday, and I hope they felt what I feel.
The Work in my new area is going really well too, we have a family ready to be baptized on the 14th. The families names are Berenice, The Mom; Stephanie, She is 11 years old and very smart; and Zane, He is 10, and also super smart; They are great. We also had the husband with a baptismal date, Rodrigo, but he's going to have to wait a little while longer. And they have a baby named Genesis.  I am very excited about this new area, and I'm still pretty nervous to be district leader, but I'm feeling Heavenly Father's guidance, so I'm doing okay!
 I hope everyone had a great week this week! And I love ya!

Con muchisimo amor,

Elder Dallin Fuell

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