California Irvine Mission

California Irvine Mission

Monday, June 22, 2015

Another Great Week in So Cal!


  Happy Father's day Dad! I hope you had a good one! This week was great! We confirmed Berenice, Zane, and Stephanie yesterday in Sacrament Meeting, and it was really good! I'm convinced missionary work is the hardest kind of work there is, its hard to find people to teach, its hard to teach people, its hard to watch people make the wrong choices and use their agency wrong, but on the other hand, its the most rewarding work that has ever done. There is no words to describe the joy that we feel as missionaries, besides the scriptures term "The fullness of Joy".
  This week has been kind of slower with teaching. We had lots of meetings and what not. But we have two investigators, Juan y Juana Menchaca. They are both about 70 years old, and they are great. Their son and daughter in law are members in our ward. We met them just on a visit to the house, and we assumed they were members because they knew so much about the church, but at the end, we asked them if they were members, and they told us no, so we asked if there was a day that we could pass by, and they said Of Course! So we passed by, and we were teaching them the Lesson about the Restoration, and we were talking about Prophets, and I asked them If they knew of any prophets, and they started naming off people like Moses and Noah, and Abraham, and then they said, Oh and Jose Smith! Haha and me and my comps looked at each other, and we were like, You're exactly right. Jose Smith was a prophet, and we just went on teaching, but that was just an example of how much they already believe in the church and have a testimony about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon, (Which Juana has read all the way through!) So, that's great! They said yes to being baptized, but we have to wait because Juana just got a knee surgery, and she cant get in the water.. But that's okay. The Lord directs his work and He knows when she'll be ready!
   Well, Everything is good here! I hope everyone has had a good week at home! Love ya!

Con amor,

Elder Fuell

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