California Irvine Mission

California Irvine Mission

Friday, November 7, 2014

"Dont just watch the game"

I'll get to why that is the title of my letter in a little bit. But first of all:


I made it to California safely and I love it here. It really is paradise on earth. I have two companions and they are the zone leaders. Their names are Elder Lefevre, from North Ogden Utah and he has been out for 14 months and his Spanish is excellent, and Elder Corcus, and he is from Bolivia, He was called English speaking but I guess that the Lord needs him Spanish right now to help me out, and He has been out for almost a year. We live in San Clemente, which rules because its sooo beautiful, but my Area is in San Juan Capistrano in a little group of Spanish speaking apartement complexes called "La Zanja" which translates to "The trench". The people there are very poor and they are not in good circumstances, but everyone there is aware of who the missionaries are and we just kind of go around teaching people and doing service and what not. I love it. My Spanish is terrible. I cant understand a thing that anybody is saying. But I've been reading in Spanish and praying in Spanish and that is helping a lot. My companions are good teachers and I really like them. They always tell me that they love my energy haha. Our church building is ON THE BEACH. haha not really, but you can see it from there. Its awesome. Im in a Spanish ward, which is good, and I love my zone.

Okay, The reason for the title for this email is because It has been going through my mind every day since I showed up here. Dad always used to tell me this when I was playing basketball and I would get distracted and stop playing. In missionary work, You can soooo easily get distracted and stop trying. I have already seen and met several missionaries who have just been "watching". So now, that advice that Dad used to give me, applies to more then just basketball. I don't want to be a missionary who slows down, gets distracted, or stops. People keep telling me that my energy will run out and Im just this pumped because Im a greeny. But I know that's not going to be the case because my Dad taught me to not just watch the game, but be a player. And not just any player, but a game changer. I love missionary work because missionary work is love in action.

I love and miss all of you! I hope you are doing well and you are in my prayers every day. My address that you can send mail and packages to is " 23 Lake Rd, Irvine California." Its pretty simple! I love you all!

Con muchisimo amor,

Elder Dallin L. Fuell

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