California Irvine Mission

California Irvine Mission

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

I Loved General Conference!!

I loved Conference in the CCM!! It was awesome! We got to watch it in English, so that was nice! And for the first time in my life, I took notes. Hahah It was hard at first, but I kept my attention, and made me love it more. I ended up with 15 pages of notes! But there is a certain way I like to take them, Let me explain:

1. You write down the DOCTRINE that the Apostle was talking about, and all the main points of doctrine. Sometimes there's a lot, but you just write down as much as you can while they are talking.

2. All of the talks have an invitation of some sort. The gospel is about changing, so of course they are going to invite you to change or be better, So you write that down.

3. Last of all, you write down the promised blessing. This is my favorite part, because when things are promised by an Apostle of the Lord. It will happen.

We were taught this way of note taking by David A. Bednar at a devotional. It worked wonders. I could listen to every speaker, the whole time without falling asleep or being bored or anything. I also realized that whenever you teach someone about the gospel, its good to follow this pattern. So my Companion and I are trying to apply it when we teach our progressive Investigators here, and its been working pretty well.

Other than conference this week, It went by pretty fast. My foot is getting better slowly, I got off my crutches last week on Wednesday, but my foot started to get worse, so the doctor got mad at me for trying to get better to fast, and put me in a wheel chair so I wouldn't walk on it. I hated being in the wheelchair. But I eventually learned how to pop wheelies in it, So after that I didn't mind. But I got out of that two days ago. And they have me back on crutches. Hopefully they will let me walk by the end of this week. This injury has been specifically hard for me because I like running around and playing sports with all my friends here. But now I can´t. BUT, If worse comes to worse, I have a career in wheelchair basketball. Enough said.

The daily grind here is hard. We work long 16 hour days and its mostly in a classroom. Which is not my favorite environment. But I´ve gotten super close to a couple of guys in my district, Elder Monsen from Draper, Utah, and Elder Aidoo from Modesto, California. Super cool guys. My Spanish is slowly, slowly, improving. I can teach in Spanish alright, but my favorite thing to do is to just have conversations in Spanish with workers here or anyone. I feel like I learn the most that way.

Well, that's all for this week. I hope everyone is having an awesome time back at home, I miss you guys, and I love you lots!

Much Love,

Elder Dallin Fuell.

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