California Irvine Mission

California Irvine Mission

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A wise Man once told me, ¨The only time Success comes before Work, is in the dictionary¨. -Von Porter

 A wise Man once told me, ¨The only time Success comes before Work, is in the dictionary¨. -Von Porter


I´m so happy to be writing you!! First of all, the reason for the title of this email is because all we do is work here. This week has been bitter work. We have been in the classroom studying Spanish almost every minute of every day. I can teach the lessons all pretty well in Spanish, but I need to widen my vocabulary. Other than that, I'm doing great with my Spanish. I love my Teacher Hermano Monroy. He is the coolest guy ever, and he is so nice and helps us out all the time. Hes just cool. The guys in my district and I are all getting really close. They are awesome. Super funny at times, and they also really invite the spirit in to our discussions and stuff like that. They are always awesome examples to me.

I am so excited to get to my mission. Don´t get me wrong, I like it here in the CCM, BUT everything is just kind of repetitive. And I don't love the classroom setting. Its hard for me to pay attention.

My foot is getting much better!!! And I have an awesome story to tell you guys!! So, I had a check up with my doctor, Doctor Miguel, and He was checking out my foot and told me that I'm going to have to do Physical Therapy because i've lost a lot of movement in my ankle from the injury. And so he started asking how much longer we were here in Mexico, and we told him 2 weeks and He was so surprised that we were trying to learn Spanish and that we had only been learning in it for 4 weeks because we spoke very well. And we started talking to him about missions and what not, and then I made eye contact with my companion, Elder Gunther, and so I asked him, IN SPANISH, if he would like to hear our message about Jesus Christ. And he went on to tell us that he was Catholic and we explained to him that we didn't want to step on his feet but our message was about happiness and Eternal Life. We then went on to tell him that we could send missionaries over to his house to teach him and his family, and he was very interested in that, so we got his address and gave it to the Latino that drove us and he is making sure that the missionaries get sent over. IT WAS AWESOME. It was my first contact, and Im starting to believe that hurting my ankle was not just a lesson for me, but also so that I could have that experience, and hopefully bring at least one soul unto Christ.

Other then that, not much is new. Elder Niel Anderson of the Quorum of the Twelve is coming on Saturday to give us a devotional. I'm excited about that. Anyways, I love all of you, and hope you're doing well. You´re always in my prayers.

Con Amor,

Elder Dallin Fuell

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