California Irvine Mission

California Irvine Mission

Monday, February 1, 2016

"We don't have time to be sick!"

Hello Family!

 This week was the hardest week of my mission by far, but I feel great! Its hard to explain, but I'll do my best. We've been re-building a way that transfers can be done more effectively while still being a spiritually uplifting experience for everyone who attends.  We've been helping President with transfers the best that we can, trying to give suggestions on who could possibly go where.. this of course is coupled by lots of prayer and fasting to do our best to discern where the Lord would have them go.  We have been getting all housing, cars, and phones to the area where they need to be in this next transfer.  It's been crazy.  In addition to all of that, we had to do multiple training's this week for the Irvine stake "Missionary Training Experience" which was basically like a youth conference MTC role play thing (That was pretty sweet).  We've been preparing for a visit by Elder Hamula of the Quorum of the Seventy on Friday, and all of this is going on while trying to proselyte in our area. This brings me to the title of this email:
President Orgill told us a story this week about when he was on his mission in Tonga.  President N. Eldon Tanner came to visit and President Orgill was assigned to drive him around the mission while he was there. He told us that as they were driving President Tanner asked him something like "How are you liking it here in Tonga?" and President Orgill went on to tell him that he loved it but when he first got there he got really sick for the first while of his mission that made it hard for him to get out and work. N. Eldon Tanner responded, "Elder, we don't have time to be sick.". President Orgill said how that comment kind of shocked him and that he was thinking, "Its not my fault that I got sick!" but he didn't say anything. He said that now he better understands what President Tanner meant as a Prophet, Seer, and Revelator; as someone who has the plan of the kingdom in front of him. When we really catch the vision of what Heavenly Father is trying to do, we can feel that way. I've felt that way this week. Not saying that I have the plan of the kingdom in front of me, but I do feel like I am so wrapped up in God's work and serving others that I don't have time for anything else! No time to eat, no time to sleep, and there is absolutely NO time to think about myself. And that is the best feeling I have ever felt. Like you always said Mom, "A busy boy is a good boy!" Haha its so true and I love it!
  Thank you so much Mom and Dad for all you do for me! I love and appreciate you! And I hope everyone has a great week this week!

Con amor,

Elder Fuell

P.S.  This is the new mission president and his wife and their bio....They start their service on July 1. 2016.  A factoid about lds mission presidents.   They donate their time for three (3) years.  The church does not pay their way.  Typically they are retired and have no children at home (Not always though).  They can be called anywhere in the world. 

Elizabeth B. and Samuel W. Clark (IRI)
Samuel Wayne Clark Jr., 64, and Elizabeth Barton Clark, four children, Monument Park 11th Ward, Salt Lake Monument Park Stake: California Irvine Mission, succeeding President Von D. Orgill and Sister Sherri Orgill. The Clarks currently serve as area public affairs specialists. Brother Clark is a former Area Seventy, stake president, bishop, high councilor, ward Young Men president and missionary in the French East Mission. President, Dale Barton Agency. Born in Salt Lake City to Samuel Wayne Clark and Ruby Lloyd Maughan Clark.

Sister Clark serves in a ward Relief Society presidency and is a former stake Relief Society presidency counselor, ward Young Women president, ward Relief Society, Young Women, Primary presidency counselor and gospel doctrine teacher. Born in Salt Lake City to Eliot Dale Barton and Mary Elizabeth Moreton Barton.

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