California Irvine Mission

California Irvine Mission

Monday, February 8, 2016

Elder Hamula Visited!

Aloha! Hola! Yokwe! Hi and hello!

This week was great! Also, a pretty stressful week, but it was great! I'm beginning to feel like the rest of my mission is going to be "stressful but great!". Haha which I wouldn't mind, I guess! Elder Hamula from the Seventy came on Friday and we had a zone conference and a Mission Leadership council with him here. The Zone Conference was great! He talked about preaching repentance and the "What? Why? and How?'s" of missionary work, which I also enjoyed. He went on to talk about faith and desire in MLC! I really liked it and it helped me see the places that I need to improve. I think having more of "an eye single to the Glory of God" will help me feel and be more accomplished. Also, one of my closest friends, Elder John John, from The Marshal Islands went home on Thursday. It wasn't on the normal transfer schedule because of his flight back to the islands. He really made a big difference in my mission. He came on an exchange with me when I was a greenie, and he taught me that its really not important what you say, (Because I was struggling with Spanish, and he was struggling learning English), its how you make people feel, and he always made me feel better. Good thing he's moving to West Valley in 6 months!! Haha super pumped about that!

Saying goodbye to Elder John John who lives in the Marshall Islands (Missionary in the front)
Also, another cool thing that happened this week! I was on an exchange with an Elder named Elder Hale, (Great guy), and we were contacting around a apartment complex, and I remembered that we had received a referral in that area, so we went over and knocked on the door, and this Indian lady opened it. We introduced ourselves and she was like, "Oh! You're the guys from the temple!" and we said something like,"Huh?" and she said, "Yeah, the guys from the temple in Hawaii" And then I realized that she probably went to Hawaii and got a tour of the temple grounds and referred herself because she liked it so much! So, I asked her if that was the case and she said it was, and she didn't have time to talk right then, but she told us that she felt something nice about that temple and she wants to learn more! So, that was SUPER sweet! I was pumped out of my mind.

 So, yeah, that's my week! I hope you all had a good week! Love y'all!

Elder Fuell

ps...added a few pictures in last weeks post.  Check it out.  

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