California Irvine Mission

California Irvine Mission

Monday, November 9, 2015



Or maybe I should just start saying Hello! I got a call from The Assistants on Friday and they told me to start saying goodbye to everyone in Spanish work, because I'm getting sent to English Work! The whole reason is kind of unclear to me now, but I'm okay with it! I kind of felt like I would be going to English Work soon, but then I got made Zone Leader here and I thought that maybe I'd stay here in San Juan as a Zone Leader for a while, but apparently, our mission is so young,(Meaning that half of the mission has only been out 6 months or less), so they are wanting to spread out the ones who have been here longer! ( I don't know the area or companion who I will be with) I wouldn't have considered myself an experienced missionary, or even that I've been out that long, but I guess the Lord has some people for me to help using my English skills.... which have really gone down the drain. I will miss the Hispanic culture for as long as I am away from it, but the good thing is, is no matter where I go in the mission, there will still be people to speak Spanish too! Southern California is full of Spanish speakers! SO that's good.
This week was great! We had a big leadership meeting in Irvine, and it was great! 
Dallin at leadership training.  I guess it was cold in the building and the Mission Presidents Wife, Sister Orgill was a bit cold
President Orgill gave a training, and it pumped me up!!! That day, we did some exchanges with some English Zone leaders for a couple hours, I guess they just do that so that we can get ideas from each other and stuff. Elder Ashton came with me to Spanish work, and it was super cool! He doesn't speak any Spanish, but I taught him enough to greet people on the streets and then I would talk with them and give them a book of Mormon or something! It was awesome! We also taught  a recent convert named Jorge and that was a really good lesson, the spirit was really strong.
On Friday, we were talking as a companionship about how we can improve, and we decided that we needed to follow the spirit better, so we made that our focus for the next couple days, and it was amazing what happened! We had 11 lessons in 2 days. We taught just about everyone we talked to, and got two new investigators out of it! We were led to the people we were really wondering and wanting to know the truth, and it worked great! The blessing that come when we trust in Heavenly Father are great! And the best thing is, is that all we have to do is decide to do it... and then do it! As Neil A. Maxwell once said, "It is first direction, and then velocity!". Anyways, I hope you all have a great week! Love ya!

Con mucho amor,

Elder Fuell

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