California Irvine Mission

California Irvine Mission

Monday, April 13, 2015

A great week!!


  This week went by really fast! I feel like not a lot has changed since I last emailed you. In fact, I just leaned over to my comp and asked him what we did this week... and he shrugged his shoulders and said, "Same things we did last week!" And then we laughed. Haha. But yeah, same stuff. We really focused in on having members at all of our lessons this week. And so we ended up taking Vicente and Robert, (Robert is the Robert that went to the same mission as Brandon Langford), to almost every lesson with us this week. I feel like it has really been helping Vicente by coming out with us. He is being able to feel what it's like being a missionary, and he makes it a lot more fun. He also is getting chances to bare his testimony, and by doing that, his testimony is growing. We ended up doing a split on Wednesday night and Elder Wilson went with Robert to a lesson or two, and I took Vicente to an Institute class because we are trying to get him involved more with the Young Single Adult wards. And He loved it. They were learning about the Saviors last week on earth, and then they talked about the Atonement, and people were baring their testimonies, and the spirit was really strong. I sat by Vicente, and answered any questions that he had about anything he didn't understand. The teacher really involved him in the lesson. Afterwards, he told me how much that lesson meant to him. On our way home, I got a call from the Institute teacher, and He told me how much he appreciated me being there with Vicente, because it created an environment that he could really learn and feel the spirit. He said, "Elder Fuell, Never question why The Lord sent you here to California, because He sent you here to find Vicente." I really love how much I've seen the gospel change Vicente's life. He is a perfect example to me of being a disciple of Jesus Christ. Yesterday at a big Picnic dinner, he told me that he is going to go on a mission as soon as he can. I feel very blessed to have been here, and to have met him. The Lord knows what He is doing with His work.
  I hope everyone has a good week this week! Love you!

Con amor,

Elder Dallin Fuell

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