California Irvine Mission

California Irvine Mission

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A Day Late!!


  Wow, this week flew by! I didn't get to email yesterday because we got called up early in the morning and they needed our help to move, so we spent almost our entire P-day moving these people. But that's okay. I didn't go on my mission to have P-days haha. The best thing about moving people is that they always give you tons of stuff they don't want! My companion and I got hooked up with a sweet chair and a cool rug, and best of all A Dyson vacuum! We have to fix it up a little, but after that, our apartment will be so clean. Haha.
   On Sunday, one of the ladies in our ward asked some of us missionaries if we could help her with an activity in primary and so we agreed. And when we got there she told us that we were going to be playing the parts of some people who helped restore the gospel and we were coming back in time, hahah, so I got to play the Angle Moroni, and my companion played Jose Smith, and it was super funny. We were all dressed up and decked out, and I had a big robe on and a giant trumpet. At the end, after we explained what our roles where in helping restore the gospel. The kids got to ask questions and they asked me, Moroni, what kind of food I ate before I died, and I told them Tamales and Cactus! haha They were all freaking out, and my companion and I were laughing about it for a while.
   Also, on Thursday, we took our investigator, Jose (C), to an Addiction Recovery Class at the stake center and he loved it. He's not addicted to anything, but he just likes seeing people change their lives because he used to be addicted to Alcohol. He loved it so much, and he kept saying how good it is to see that even people who go to church still have problems. And he wants to keep coming on Thursday nights. Which is great. He is really our only progressing investigator, so we are loving how much he enjoys stuff like that. And He'll probably be coming to church next Sunday!
  Other then all that, life's pretty good. Sometimes Ya gotta learn how to have fun when you work, or else you're just going to be miserable. That's something that I've come to learn this past couple of weeks. I hope everyone has a good week this week!

Con amor,

Elder Fuell

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