California Irvine Mission

California Irvine Mission

Monday, January 26, 2015

Trusting in the Lord


    I'm happy to be writing you this week!! This week has been pretty interesting, and has probably been one of the hardest/testimony building weeks of my mission. But I'll talk about that in a second. Transfers were on Tuesday!! I got put with Elder Tellez, and He is from Costa Rica. He is almost 21 and has been out on his mission for about 15 months. Our area covers the whole ward which means Dana Point, San Juan, and San Clemente. We focus on less actives, but we do almost all of our Pros time in San Clemente, and We'll be taking over San Clemente in about 6 or 12 weeks. We live in Laguna Nigel, and it's super nice there. I'm really happy with this transfer, and I think we'll have a lot of success. 
   Okay, so this week on Wednesday, I got the news that one of our Investigators in San Juan, Marisela, died in a fire. Her 3 year-old Son was playing with a lighter and something caught on fire, and The little boy and Marisela died. When I first heard the news, it was like I just got hit in the head with a brick. I had just seen her a couple days before. We were headed to the Temple when I heard the news, and I said a little prayer in my heart for her family and for me to try and understand why this happened, and why it happened right now. We had the opportunity to go to the temple with about 16 of our recent converts and go help with baptisms. While we were there, I had an overwhelming feeling that Marisela would accept the gospel on the other side of the Veil and that Heavenly Father was aware of Her family and their situation. It was almost like I heard a little voice say to me what ehe Savior said to Peter when he started to doubt when he was walking on water, "Oh thou of little faith, wherefore didst thou doubt?" Learning to trust in the Lord and have faith in Him comes when we fully understand that He loves us and He wants us to be happy. I don't know why Marisela and Her Son died in that fire, but I do know that Heavenly Father is taking care of them, I know that Jesus Christs Atonement can heal the sorrow that her family is feeling and that I've felt. I know that perfect love casteth out all fear. My testimony of these things have assured me that when tragedy strikes, seemingly out of nowhere, Trust in The Lord, and Faith on his name can pull us out of our own sorrow, and help us to see and recognize the hope in God's light.
    I'm so happy to be apart of this Church and this work. I love the Lord, and I hope you all have a great week this week! Love you!

Con muchisimo amor,

Elder Fuell

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