California Irvine Mission

California Irvine Mission

Monday, January 12, 2015

Giving up something good for something better!!


   It's so good to be writing you all! Congrats Joe and Natalie! I looked through some pictures that Dad sent me and everything looked like it went great! And I hoped you liked my present. :) hahah. I'm glad to hear that everyone is happy and well. I was sitting in a zone training meeting at about 10 O'clock our time and I couldn't help but stare at the clock and think about all my family and how special of a day it was for my Brother and NEW sister. It was really cool, and kind of weird. But I felt comforted knowing that I am where the Lord wants and needs me to be. Which is always a good feeling to have!
   This week has been incredible. But it started out kind of bumpy. Vicente had a baptismal date set for Yesterday, 11th, and we went to go see how he was doing and we went to his house and his sister informed us that he went to Tijuana for two weeks. So that stunk. But Yesterday morning, we received a text that an Investigator, Jorge Hernandez, that has been investigating the Church for 24 years decided to be baptized next Sunday. It was a miracle. We have taught him so many times, and we have up to 12 pages in our area book dedicated to Jorge. When we received the text about his decision, we were driving in the car, and we all started to cry because we know that the Lord recognized our efforts. We were amazed.
    In response to that miracle. I started to ask myself, What is the cost of these blessings and miracles? And I found the answer in a Hymn. "Sacrifice brings forth the blessings of Heaven". When we give up something GOOD for something BETTER, the Lord blesses us. It's not easy, in fact, I'd have to say that it is one of the hardest principles I've learned, but it's true. When we understand this principle, we start to look for opportunities to sacrifice. We leave our comfort zone, and we put ourselves in a spot where The Lord can do wonders with us. I challenge all of you reading this to choose something in your life to sacrifice, and start sacrificing. I can promise you that you will receive and recognize more miracles and blessing in your life. I'm so happy to know The Savior the way I do. I love having time in the mornings to study His gospel and build and strengthen my relationship with Him.

Con Amor,

Elder Dallin Fuell

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