California Irvine Mission

California Irvine Mission

Monday, March 21, 2016

Another Great Week in Irvine!

Wow. This week flew by!! I feel like it was just barely P-day! We have been SOOO busy this week! Something cool that happening is that our area is being changed! We have been serving in the Northwood Ward here in Irvine, but now we're getting moved to the South Coast area, which is in Santa Ana. We're still gonna live in the same place and work in the office, but our proselyting area got moved! I'm super stoked to be working in Santa Ana! There's so many Latinos!!! Haha I'm super excited to speak some Spanish. But there is also a large Tongan influence in the ward we're moving into! Which I'm also super excited about. Other then that, everything is pretty much the same here! Just working hard and getting ready for transfers on Tuesday. Because we're moving areas we passed off all of our investigators to the Sisters, but Farah told us that we have to be at her baptism, so we'll go to that and see everyone! I'm so happy to be serving a mission, and Dave, let me know where you get called! Don't be too sad if you don't get called to Irvine.. not everyone can be called to the best mission in the world. hahah. :)

Love ya!

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