California Irvine Mission

California Irvine Mission

Monday, December 21, 2015

New Calling


Wow! This week was crazy! I was transferred to Northwood ward in Irvine. I was also called to be an Assistant to the President with Elder Ashton who also was just called as an assistant.  He has been out as long as me and is from Houston Texas.  Since we both are new, Elder Cedeno (who goes home in three weeks), who was the Assistant with Elder Corcus (went home last week) has extended so that he can train Elder Ashton and I to be AP's. He goes home on January 15th, so we don't have very long to be trained.  We're a little freaked out to say the least  but its been a good growing experience so far. We've had to really buckle down and do lots of planning so that we can have time to proselyte and also time to get everything done that we need to do in the office. 

I really like Elder Ashton though! He's a great guy and he knows how to work hard.  I really like the ward too! I don't get to work with the Marshallese group anymore. :( But thats alright, the ward is really strong, and it will be interesting having lots of support with missionary work and stuff. We normally didn't have that to much in the Spanish wards I've served in. 

Also, Elder Corcus went home to Bolivia! It was hard to say goodbye.  He was a big influence on me and helped me a lot on my mission. I was really privileged to have him as a trainer. 

We dont really have any investigators or people that we've been teaching, so we've been doing a lot of tracting in our spare time. I think it's fun! But here in Irvine, people arent very open, so we get some grumpy people some time. I like it though! Hahah What a good opportunity to be Christlike! :) We havent found anyone yet, but Elder Cedeno has a goal to baptize someone before he goes home! We have 3 weeks!!! So we gotta find someone this week! I believe we will. 

Well, Thank you so much, and Have a Merry Chirstmas!!!!! :) 

 Con mucho amor,

Elder Fuell

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