California Irvine Mission

California Irvine Mission

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Awesome Week!


 This week was great! We had a lot to do, so that can be stressful, but its always fun working with Elder Ashton and Elder Everett! We had transfer planning meeting yesterday and so the week before that was preparing for it most of the time. But when we were in our area, we taught a guy named Bro. Gonzalez again. He's a returning member and it was an awesome lesson!!! We had something prepared, but before we went in, we felt like we needed to talk about how to study and how to learn from the scriptures and from prayer for himself.  It was really good, and he's not a guy that talks very much, but man, he was talking a ton and giving us a ton of good stuff to work with. The spirit was really strong and I know that he'll be able to return. ALSO, the funniest thing happened. I had to call a mission office here in California to get some information to pass an Investigator off. And it was the Rancho Cucamonga Mission again! And guess who answered the phone AGAIN? BRETT!!! Hahaha It was hilarious. I couldn't stop laughing. So I got to talk with Brett on the phone again. It was sweet. And then, on Saturday, Elder LeFevre was visiting the mission and wanted to take Elder Wilkerson and I out to eat, so President approved it and we got to eat with him and it was a really cool experience to see my trainer again.

Anyways, this week is going to be super busy getting ready for transfers and preparing everything for President Clark's arrival, but it should be good.. (For those that do not know- Mission Presidents serve three years totally volunteering their time and pay for it themselves.  Dallin's current mission President is completing his three years on June 30th. I believe Dallin's mission has about 170 missionaries - both Elders and Sisters - and the mission president oversees them and helps them in whatever they might need. Its a huge task!
Dallin's first companion Elder LaFevre came to visit

Love ya! Hope you have a great week!

Con amor,

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